Sunday, July 8, 2012


The 4th was the first truly warm night we've had since winter ended, and at first I thought I might be willing to brave the eastside waterfront crowds for the fireworks display over the Willamette River downtown. Thought I'd like to bring the camera and see what I could shoot. 

But as the darkness approached, Doc and I thought better of heading to the river and the masses, so took a walk around the corner into the Irvington neighborhood behind my apartment. The street was exploding with rockets and flares, firecrackers, children and adults, bicyclists whizzing by--dodging fire bursts and the occasional car. We stood transfixed for nearly a half-hour by the noise and laughter, blinding light and colorful blasts. The sweetness of the moment moved me deeply, and I tried to capture some of the excitement and uncomplicated joy on that summer night's traditional celebration.