Monday, February 21, 2011

the families of friends, gathered

The occasion of a friend's birthday celebration with poets, artists, musicians, and babies. And a final decision to pursue photography as far as it will take me. Yes.

Lil' Ruby & Dad:

Lil' Ruby & Mom:

"You talkin' to me?!":

Charley & Mom:

How do you do, Mr. McBride:

Charley & Dad:

nw pdx lunch hour browse

The life-sized, much-abused horse mannekin outside Dazzle:

CostPlus Worldmarket:

Monday, February 14, 2011

between cloudbursts

Wandered around the Irvington/Alameda neighborhood again on Saturday and captured some subtle indications that spring will eventually arrive, and, of course, the inevitable dried grasses and dead annuals. Forecasts for this week are for steady rain again, but no chance for snow on the valley floor. I've hoped and hoped for the opportunity to shoot some great winter scenes, but doesn't seem to be possible this year. Is February the month of impatience? Everything seems to be taking forever!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

how to turn something ugly into eye candy?

Oh, I don't know. Sometimes the magic just shows up.

urban wetlands

On a crispy-cold day last week, I took a walk down to the Pearl District to Tanner Springs park and brought my one-eyed boyfriend. He hasn't gotten out much lately...

staff of life

If I had to live solely on bread and butter and water, I'd feast. And probably gain weight.

Recently, I made a quiche and a half-dozen cranberry-almond scones for no particular reason but that I wanted to eat them. The recipes were from "The Grand Central Baking Book" that I'd just purchased. You shoulda been here! But since you weren't, I ended up eating that quiche for lunch all week. The scones, however, disappeared in two days.

Since then I've fully embraced my inner baker and French chef (voila! Merci beaucoup, Dorie Greenspan!), and have been spending inordinate amounts of my free time sampling treats from local bakeries and perusing cookbooks. Evidence follows:

The Lovejoy Bakers

Roast turkey with avocado and roasted red pepper sandwich, cole slaw, ginger-molasses cookie: sublime lunch at my desk. Wait till you see my hachis parmentier... :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Animoto! My New BFF

Just stumbled upon this totally fun website: Animoto! You can create your own 30 second videos online for free, or for a pretty nominal subscription ($5/month) you can create full-length HQ videos. I'm loving it, and will sign up for a subscription on payday. Whoohoo!

Autumn Fire--Irvington, 2010.

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