Sunday, February 6, 2011

staff of life

If I had to live solely on bread and butter and water, I'd feast. And probably gain weight.

Recently, I made a quiche and a half-dozen cranberry-almond scones for no particular reason but that I wanted to eat them. The recipes were from "The Grand Central Baking Book" that I'd just purchased. You shoulda been here! But since you weren't, I ended up eating that quiche for lunch all week. The scones, however, disappeared in two days.

Since then I've fully embraced my inner baker and French chef (voila! Merci beaucoup, Dorie Greenspan!), and have been spending inordinate amounts of my free time sampling treats from local bakeries and perusing cookbooks. Evidence follows:

The Lovejoy Bakers

Roast turkey with avocado and roasted red pepper sandwich, cole slaw, ginger-molasses cookie: sublime lunch at my desk. Wait till you see my hachis parmentier... :)

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