Saturday, June 11, 2011

broadway floral, ne portland, or

My favorite neighborhood merchant is Broadway Floral. I wander happily around in there at every opportunity, their displays are always beautiful and interesting. AND they allow me freely to shoot whatever captures my fancy. Here are some recent shots that represent in a small way some of the diversity of their gifts and flowers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

gettin' my shutter on...

I'm taking a photography workshop next Sunday afternoon, and I'm all re-motivated for the camera again in anticipation. Also, I've been feeling much better lately so have the energy to get more stuff done again and at last!

This morning I got up early and wandered around the neighborhood shooting stuff up until the sun came up. Here are some of the better shots:

I spent most of the rest of the morning processing the shots, and then went out again to the Sunday Farmer's Market on the little block on NE 17th between Broadway and Weidler. It's pretty tiny, but very sincere. Got some shots there too:

After the Farmer's Market, I stopped in to Broadway Floral and got permission to shoot in the store, so spent another 15 minutes or so, productively firing away at their lovely displays. It's too much to post here with all the other stuff, so check it out if you've time or the interest on my Flickr set "Broadway Floral":

And finally on the way back home I noticed these two lovely ladies walking up the street ahead:

Seems a fitting closure.


Yesteday was the first truly warm day of the year, and Shanna brought Griffin (11 weeks old already!) and Brock to have dinner with me. I made a a pasta salad and caprese sandwiches because I didn't want to use the stove--it was actually hot outside! And we snarfed and yakked avidly for a couple of hours.

But the very coolest thing: Shanna agreed to a photo so here at last is my beautiful daughter and her little fam on their way home, everyone well-fed and happy:

a better shot of the night's special guest star:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

NW 23rd, friday after work

Basically I could not WAIT to get out the door yesterday. I don't usually work on Fridays, but needed to make up for taking Memorial Day off so I wouldn't burn up any extra leave that I'll be needing this summer! Confused? My employer doesn't pay for holidays. Yeah. Moving on...

Here is the view heading toward the door at 4:45pm yesterday:

Straight out to the first warm Friday since, oh, maybe last October! Headed up toward Lovejoy on NW 23rd to meet Doc for an early dinner at the Nob Hill Tavern.

Looking up:

Meta photo shot through the front window at Nobby (by the lazy voyeur). Photographers and vintage cameras are everywhere you go in Portland:

Restored El Camino at the curb, I liked the color of the beer against the blue:

Interior at Nobby:

The Look, aka: the reluctant subject. Sheesh:

It's okay. He always looks this way.

We went to my place and watched "Marwencol" the most interesting and original documentary film I've seen in a very long time. It's WONDERFUL: