Sunday, June 5, 2011

gettin' my shutter on...

I'm taking a photography workshop next Sunday afternoon, and I'm all re-motivated for the camera again in anticipation. Also, I've been feeling much better lately so have the energy to get more stuff done again and at last!

This morning I got up early and wandered around the neighborhood shooting stuff up until the sun came up. Here are some of the better shots:

I spent most of the rest of the morning processing the shots, and then went out again to the Sunday Farmer's Market on the little block on NE 17th between Broadway and Weidler. It's pretty tiny, but very sincere. Got some shots there too:

After the Farmer's Market, I stopped in to Broadway Floral and got permission to shoot in the store, so spent another 15 minutes or so, productively firing away at their lovely displays. It's too much to post here with all the other stuff, so check it out if you've time or the interest on my Flickr set "Broadway Floral":

And finally on the way back home I noticed these two lovely ladies walking up the street ahead:

Seems a fitting closure.

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