Friday, April 9, 2010

therapy of the apartmental kind

Last week I stumbled across the interior design/self-help book, "Apartment Therapy: the eight-step home cure", by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, at Powell's City of Books and it seemed to offer solutions all those perennially unaddressed issues with home decor that have followed me around from abode to abode all my adult life! So I bought it and began gobbling up its advice and instructions while still on the bus ride home. Turns out, there's an amazing website/blog of the same name. Check out when you get a chance. It's incredibly stimulating!

Okay, I'm halfway through the first read and am jumping with ideas and fixes for my big, emptyish, too bright by half, bland, blah, beige apartment in NE Portland. When I mentioned the book to my friend Anna, she suggested that I could write about my process here on the blog. What a GOOD idea, Anna!

So, the first thing is that I'm going to finish actually reading the book through before launching into the eight, week-long steps, just so I'll know what to expect and how to plan, but am committed to launching my first week on Friday, April 16th, 2010. Whoohoo! I'm a little excited.

Here are a few photos of my current situation--I used a "watercolor" treatment on a couple of them just to try to make them look less stark. Ahem, I'm sure you see the problem...

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