Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grandparents & Special Guest Day

I received a personal invitation to come to Grayson's school for Grandparents & Special Guest Day on October 29th, but I had a dental appointment for that morning. Fortunately I just needed a routine cleaning and exam so I bombed out of the dentist's chair and managed to get to Buckman School just in time! I enjoyed the morning's assembly and then got a tour of Grayson's classroom and then got to sit at his desk while we composed a poem together, and then he showed me some artist software that he's been using. All of the classrooms at Buckman were gifted with small laptops from Intel because Mr. Scott, Grayson's teacher, had been doing some consulting work for them! Coolio.

Do you see Grayson?

Third-graders in Mr. Scott's class dance at Grandparents & Special Guest Day at Buckman School. Interpretive...
G-man and his classroom laptop.

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