Saturday, April 9, 2011

Buckman School 3rd Grade Play! An Environmental History of Portland

As narrated by ol' Doug Fir (aka Grandson #1: Grayson):

Portland's original pristine views.

Native americans tell stories by the rainy river.

Trapping for beaver pelts leads to handsome hatwear in London.

Tired Oregon Trail immigrants and their oxen.

A photo op with Misters Overton, Pettygrove & Lovejoy (and a frog).

Happy, burly loggers.

Spotted owl and little blackbirds.

Confident Rosie the Riveters from Vanport!

Vaux Swifts circle the chimney at Chapman School.

Chorus & audience.


The production was incredibly comprehensive, lasting nearly 90 minutes as all three third-grade classes (Ms. Custis, Ms. Vestal & Mr. Scott) presented the story of the "civilizing" of Portland from the point of view of the native animals, elements, plants and humans--from its pristine origins to our present urban culture. I loved it!

Buckman is a magnet arts school and has a long tradition of excellent original theatrical productions. This musical play was accompanied by a 3-man jazz combo as well, but they were hunkered down in a dark corner, preventing me from getting a decent shot, darnit.

Grayson gave a truly polished performance, appearing onstage almost constantly, he never missed a cue or flubbed a single line! He's a natural actor. Baby brother Griffin seemed to know that this was Grayson's night and didn't fuss or make a peep the entire time.


macy/williams said...

I love this so much. Grayson looked so confident up there--did he make his costume? And Griffin--I'm sure YOU can find them, but for me, there aren't words to express properly how beautiful he is. Can't wait to meet him in person.

elizabeth archers said...

I wish you could have been there to see it, Rachel! The kids did such an amazing job. I don't know if Grayson made his costume--I'll ask him, or you can when you are here. :)

Griffin continues to stun me with his sweetness and how fast he's growing! More alert and curious, but not fussy. I cannot wait to see you and Oscar!!