Saturday, October 8, 2011

a little gratitude

A Saturday morning after nine hours of solid sleep means I wake up with a sense of possibility again. A little ambitious. A little looser of joint. A little softer in my approach. A little prettier, somehow (isn’t the mind a miraculous thing?). A little peaceful. A very little bit happier.

What happens to us asleep? How does the unconscious bring us through the nightly fire of our terrors and failings to a quiet morning’s optimism? I am so grateful. The sun is out. And there is coffee. Thank you.

Doc and I walked through the gorgeously anachronistic Irvington neighborhood where I live on the less gorgeous edge. I brought the camera and found small indications that it is October at last. 

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Eric said...

Beautiful pictures. Yes, it is October indeed. Thank you for helping me to see it with grateful eyes.