Sunday, June 10, 2012

a perfectly perfect day.

Memorial Day weekend Rachel and Oscar spent a delirious, delicious, hilarious, and sweet afternoon visit at my house! They were in town to meet, snuggle and schmooze with a brand new family member on the Macy side in Newberg (Baby Will, who, judging from photos is as adorable as all the rest of Oscar's cousins).

 My place was jumping with boyz for hours! Grayson was the hero of the day: the littler boyz only wanting to be wherever he was, doing whatever he was doing, literally hanging on him and following him room to room to room and back again.

It hadn't been this exciting in my apartment since the last time the Philly family was here, way last summer! Brock also spent the afternoon and Shanna joined us as soon as she got off work (baby Stella makes her debut next month!!), and even Doc came by for the meet-up. I managed to get just a few shots at home, but had better luck at McMenamins where the rambunctious ones finally had to stay in their chairs (let us all praise highchair straps!). It was a perfect day. Perfect and sweet and funny and fun.

Brock & Griff

Oscar & pizza

Rachel & smile

Oscar & Rachel break the crayon with their powerful breaths!

Grayson & crayons

Rachel actively listening to Grayson

Grayson less actively expressing his thoughts

Oscar actively listening to Griffin who is not quite coherent. Yet.

Brock politely enduring yet another encounter with my camera. Thanks, big guy!!

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Macy/Williams said...

It's taken me a while to catch up on all the family blogs. Loved reliving our fun afternoon/evening together. It really was great to see everyone, and I look forward to doing it again in just a few weeks!!! Love you, Elizabeth!