Monday, May 16, 2011

here and there, this and that, tra lala, nice to get out!

Because the weather's been just crappily disappointing forever, I've been feeling almost literally housebound since, well, OCTOBER. Emily Dickenson (with whom I almost share a birthday) and I seem to be of like lifestyle lately. So this past weekend was exactly busy enough to be interesting but not exhausting. How did that even happen??

Got to babysit for Mr. I'm Two Months Old Now, for a few hours on Friday:

Went on a shopping excursion to Fred Meyer on Saturday to stock up for Grayson's overnight on Saturday, and captured a little bit of spring on the way:

[Kinda love the extreme blur and saturation on these peonies... arty.]

No photos of Grayson this time (maybe next time) because we were too busy making Zentangles and spaghetti hotdogs and watching Shaun the Sheep streaming from Netflix to my netbook to think about photography. By the way, getting rid of the TV was totally worth it!!

Went to a jammin' poetry reading (with a jazz combo) on Sunday evening at a studio/gallery warehouse that was a lovely diversion from the usual, "damn, I have to go to work tomorrow" gloom that drifts through the apartment then settles around the neck and shoulders most Sunday nights. I got photos! But you'll have to wait until next post because I was too tired to download them from the camera last night. Stay tuned.

So meanwhile, here are a few more springlike photos captured in fleeting sunbreaks to tide you over:

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