Friday, May 27, 2011

pouring. just pouring.

I don't really have anything new to add today, just a surplus of flower photos and the time and motivation to post something. The weather continues to confound my best efforts to get something original done in the way of an actual photo shoot. These shots are from a couple of weeks ago, taken here in my Irvington/Alameda cusp neighborhood (I was actually on my way to Fred Meyer that day to get some groceries). It always pays to bring the camera, doesn't it?

single peony

tiny iris


I have to run to the bank today and was just about to finish this post and shut down the netbook, but it's started to rain again and I can't face another sodden trek through the dark wet at the moment. I am so damned tired of the rain this year. And did I mention that the heater's on? Because it's also cold in the house. It's a four-day weekend for me since the Memorial Day holiday is Monday. Will it never stop raining? Will I be indoors again for most of it? Sheesh. It's a monsoon!

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