Sunday, September 11, 2011

bird by bird, flower by flower, shot by shot, day by day

"Bird by bird" is a reference to Annie Lamott's book. But you already knew that. I'm slowly adding extra pages of various photo themes to this blog. I'm still trying to find a different path or walk some new ground in the creative side of my mind. It's so easy to get stuck in a single track or preoccupation, self-absorption, fear and worry, or just simple habit. Someday this blog will be a part of an actual website. Not motivated to make that change just yet, but it's coming, along with other changes as well.

I'm sure I posted this shot of an old porch in late afternoon several years ago, but I just stumbled across it again this morning in an old file and still think it's a good one. The heat this weekend has been pretty intense and somehow to my mind at least, this shot seems to capture an essence of that. I know it was a hot afternoon when I shot it, so maybe I'm just projecting that memory into my perceptions. So typically human...

Everywhere I go to check news updates today references the 10th anniversary and memorial observations of the crushing loss of life in New York City on this date. I don't have anything to add. I wish that it had never happened. I wish that our foreign policies were more constructive rather than destructive so it might never have happened. I wish our voices in protest and opposition to the subsequent war-mongering of political and financial interests had been heard and heeded. And I wish now we would stop the killing and the violent rhetoric, stop destroying ourselves and our once noble aspiration to honor the lives of our citizens and global neighbors. I have always thought we could do so much better. You, too? Maybe my memory is just clouding my perceptions, but it seems as though we all thought so once.

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