Sunday, September 4, 2011

what's next?

Not sure when I lost the impetus to maintain this blog, but somehow over the summer I completely lost interest and motivation to return. I am still struggling with what I'd like this blog to become; struggling with a sense of purpose elsewhere in my life as well. And trying to plan for inevitable changes while not being able to forecast the future is challenging, but I do feel the need for renewed purpose and momentum forward with my own creative projects.

I've added a page for my photos of flowers and will add additional pages for other subjects as I think more about what this blog could become.

Anyway, here are some shots from a few of the things I did this summer:

The 4th of July with Doc on my little balcony:

Not exactly on a par with the fireworks display the city puts on every year, but roughly equivalent to the level of patriotism that this holiday inspires in me lately...

A poetry reading in early August was at least an interesting diversion for a couple of hours with friends Fumi and Wayne. Have you ever been to a Kava bar? Me neither.

'Nuff said, I guess...

Far and away the best part of the summer was three little boys whom I can't ever seem to get enough of, and their parents, of course:

Grayson & Griffin playing "Angry Birds" (I seriously love this shot!)

Oscar having a pretty fun time at a backyard barbeque. (Full disclosure: I photoshopped the mustard off his cheek):

We all had a pretty fun time that night!

Griffin smilin' and Grayson chillin':

And on the last morning of the Philly Family's visit, we sat outside on the little balcony for a few minutes of calm before the long, long day ahead:

(Pointing to a little, tiny spider in its web) It's always hard to say goodbye until next visit. I just miss them always.

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